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Discover the impact of Katapult X through the words of our partners and beneficiaries. Their stories and experiences highlight the real-world difference we're making in the lives of individuals and communities.

An absolutely phenomenal event – well done Katapult X.

In my 11 years working in Higher Education and prior to that recruiting at universities, I’ve never seen another event bringing in the amount of experience and knowledge to the students like the Katapult X event did here at UoB. If you work in HE employability and looking to enhance the learning and prospects of your students, particularly from disadvantaged backgrounds, you definitely need to get in touch with Jay and Kristina.
Tripp Martin
Tripp Martin
Head of Careers Birmingham Business School
University of Birmingham
Katapult X is on a mission to accelerate career opportunities and combat the challenges posed by imposter syndrome. It was truly inspiring to be part of an event that focused on empowering individuals and fostering personal and professional growth.

Throughout the event, I had the privilege of networking with leading industry experts and participating in a mini workshop. The insights gained from these interactions were truly invaluable.

One of the highlights of the day was being able to share my own experience of imposter syndrome on stage. I spoke about the overwhelming sense of self-doubt I felt after being nominated for the Women in Property Awards and presenting to an esteemed judging panel. It was an incredible learning experience that allowed me to embrace vulnerability and overcome my inner challenges.

Katapult X has provided me with innovative strategies to tackle imposter syndrome, build confidence, and expand on my professional network.
Molliemae Grant-West
Molliemae Grant-West
Former student
Birmingham City University
A little late to the party haha but BCU kindly invited me to a networking event hosted by Katapult X on the 26th of February 2024🥰

I was quite hesitant at first as I have never been to one; let alone been sent an invitation. Whenever I heard people talk about ‘Networking’, I’d picture successful entrepreneurs in fancy suits and dresses.

I never really saw myself in that setting as I’ve struggled with feeling as though I wasn’t well spoken or confident.

Interestingly enough, one of their main workshops and activities was on tackling imposter syndrome - When someone doubts their abilities and feels like a fraud despite their accomplishments.

This resonated with me as it’s something I’ve struggled with for so long but hearing the testimonials of others and the encouragement that filled the room made me feel so at ease!

Feeling out of place is normal! But it doesn’t define wherr you’re set!

Just because you FEEL out of place doesn’t mean you ARE. Nobody can do it better than you can! YOU ARE the candidate they needed and you ARE THAT uni student✨✨
Cassandra Boadu
Birmingham City University

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